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CrossFit RisingStar

Fitness is our passion, our lifestyle and, more than anything, something we love sharing with you.   CrossFit is a world-class training methodology that we truly believe to be second-to-none.  Each of our coaches can share a story of their own personal transformations through CrossFit training; just ask and they will tell!  We are proud of our diverse and knowledgeable coaching staff and will continue to improve through the various and ongoing CrossFit coach development programs.   We will continue to raise the standard of our world-class coaching staff because at CrossFit RisingStar, we be leave that, as we improve, the lives of those around us will improve as well.

The Crossfit RisingStar Team

Meet the team that is dedicated to your success!

Rob DiTursi, LMT

Certified CrossFit Trainer (Level3)
Head Coach, Owner & CEO

Jenna Elliott

CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Scott Corbett

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Coleman Shum

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Amanda Smith, RN

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Kate Oster

CrossFit Level 1 Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer