Our bodies are miraculous!  We can move them within space in so many variations.  We can push, pull and lift heavy weight.  We can run and jump, skip and slide.  When our bodies are working in balance, we can experience life to its fullest.  We can count on our bones and muscles, nerves and skin to help us enjoy so much of what this life has to offer.  As science makes new discoveries and as humans push their bodies to new limits, we find new ways to perform and live better.  It is for this reason that I chose to devote my energies toward fitness and bodywork as a way to stay on top of the innovations, perfect my own skills, and help people achieve optimum health.

My interest in health and fitness goes back to the mid-nineties after surviving and recovering form a traumatic near-death experience.  In an interest to heal myself and others, I went to the  Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in New York City where I graduated and in 1997 became a New York State Licensed and ABMP Certified Massage Therapist.

As time progressed, my fitness journey brought me on and off of so many paths:  Basic Bodybuilding-Style Weightlifting to Vinyasa Yoga to Chen style Tai Chi and Chi Gong.  From all of those modalities and styles, though wildly different, I was able to take away something positive that to incorporate into my fitness and bodywork regimens.  However, I still had not found The One; the fitness program that would cover all the bases  – strength, flexibility, agility, stamina, accuracy, speed, etc. That was until CrossFit came along

When I encountered CrossFit and began researching its training methods, I saw the crystallization of all the elements that I had attempted in the past!  The strength from weight training, the flexibility of yoga, the core-to-extremity dynamism that is tai chi were all combined into a unique and intense fitness experience.  From my first introduction, I was hooked!  I realized pretty quickly that I wanted to pursue the coaching path, open a gym and bring CrossFit to the people of Rutland.

Having had the privilege of studying under leading authorities of both Western Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine I also hold advanced certifications in Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Facilitation and Myofascial Release.  In addition to my massage therapy licenses and certifications, I currently hold a CrossFit Level Two and am preparing to achieve Level Three certifications.  I am continually searching for ways to better the performance of myself and my clients through focused intent and functional movement.



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