Beginner to Advanced

At RisingStar, we use the CrossFit methodology to blend Science, Art, a little bit of Magic and a whole lot of Fun into a comprehensive fitness program that will guide your success. No matter your level, we will meet you where you are, help you push your limits, move onward, and rise upward!

Group CrossFit Classes

Hate working out alone?

Join CrossFit Risingstar and take our group classes. You’ll get expert coaching in a fun, supportive environment.

Why CrossFit Risingstar group training?

  • Professional trainers with experience working with people just like you! No matter your fitness level, we can help you with personalized training programs.
  • State-of-the-art workout equipment in a clean, comfortable environment. We have everything you need to achieve a better body and a better state of mind!
  • Flexible class scheduling to ensure every member of the group has access to the wealth of fitness solutions we provide.
  • A welcoming community of fitness enthusiasts ready to work with you and help you meet your goals.

What to expect

  • Expert coaching: Our certified coaches provide training guidance while ensuring everyone prioritizes safety.
  • Challenging and fun: A fun workout doesn’t “Feel” like a workout. Make going to the gym something you can look forward to and not something you dread.
  • Building community: When you work out in a group, you have a built-in network of accountability partners to help you when the training gets tough.

Personal Training

1-on-1 Training = Faster Results

If you want to fast track your fitness program, working with a CrossFit Risingstar personal trainer is the best way forward. Achieve the results you want with customized workouts, advice, and encouragement.

Why work with our personal trainers?

  • Our certified personal trainers work with you to design a program that gets results— that’s right, you will reach your fitness goals. We’ll create the best workouts for your current condition while keeping you safe and injury free.
  • Working with one of our expert personal trainers provides the instruction, support, and accountability that you need to stay on track and meet your strength and conditioning goals.

What we can offer you

  • Total focus on your conditioning: Your personal trainer is just that – your own personal trainer. Their purpose is to help you meet your goals, as well as provide guidance and instruction.
  • Support and accountability: Your personal trainer develops a workout plan that is tailored specifically for your physical needs. They also provide the accountability you need to succeed.
  • Flexible scheduling: At CrossFit RisingStar, you work out on your time. We can also adapt your training to work around any injuries or other physical challenges.

1-on-1 Foundations On-Ramp

Getting started, you’ll learn the foundational movements of CrossFit in three one-on-one sessions.

These sessions are as much about us learning about you as they are you learning about CrossFit. You’ll pair up with one or more of our Certified CrossFit Coaches, so that each one can instruct you in their specialty while getting to know more about how you can best be coached to success.

Your first session will start with some baseline biometrics: height, weight, body composition and measurements will be made so that we can accurately track your progress in becoming the athlete you are.

After that, you’ll learn the many ways we squat and jump, press and pull, lift and drop. We’ll show you progressions that will set the path for you to do al sorts of great stuff, from basic bodyweight gymnastic movements to the advanced Olympic weightlifting, we’ll cover all the bases.

Each of your three sessions will finish off with the thing CrossFit is famous for: a nice and spicy little workout! Fear not, we’ve designed these workouts to challenge you just enough to push your boundaries without taking you over the edge.

With over 25 years of combined coaching experience, you are in good hands with the CrossFit RisingStar team.

After you are done with your three sessions, you’ll have the option to continue with one-on-one training or to jump right in with our open “group personal training” CrossFit Classes. The choice is yours.